"Muhamet Vural knows the rules inside out"

(Business Traveller Magazine)

This next level communication is about persuading to increase the benefit. So our customers have an interest in confidentiality. For this reason, we don´t tell any customer names. Please understand this. But we want to write one fact, which could convince you about our quality:

Our head coach Muhamet Vural learned from Professor Paul Ekman from San Francisco. Ekman is the expert for emotion recognition and body language. His research results are in other industries such successful that the TIME Magazine counts him to one of the 100 most important people in the world! This knowledge is offered for engineer & IT companies by the first time.


One thing: Some of these scientific results are only given to our customers and they will be not published. Thus, they are a significant step further than their competitors. The number of customers is limited for each region.

Some Customer Quotes:
"Those who don´t want to spend money for this knowledge, just because they want to save money, they can also try to stop the clock to save time!"

"Finally, a coaching company, which specializes in our industry & knows our problems & goals"


"Today it´s get more & more rare to get a possibility to present our idea. But if we get one, we leave nothing to chance! Thanks guys, for this knowledge for more successful communication!"

"I hope you go bankrupt! Then I'm sure that never one of my competitors will hear from you and gets these great knowledge what we received from you!"

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