A intersting research result of the Carnegie Institute of Technology New York:

"Even in such technical jobs like engineer 15% of the financial success goes into the account of the technical ability. The rest of 85% goes into the account of handling with people." Exactly this 85% are the content of our coachings.

"How useful is the best idea, if you are not able to sell it?"

"A true friend says sometimes things that hurt" (from Asia).

Your idea that sets you apart from your competitors, can be sold nowadays about the new soft skills. Whether we like it or not: Today's customers want to be won and confident! There are enough competitors out there. Why should he give you the job? You can´t win the important purchaser nowadays, just by simple facts presentation. It is a question of sales and presentation techniques.  This result came out in scientifically researches. We collected the most important skills for engineers & IT-experts. That´s what we offer you. With nothing less you should be satisfied!

How to win the Global Players

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